Our world… Why not?

This is for people who love to discover the world, using all of their senses, and to feel free to absorb every single minute in two wheels.

I choose the bicycle to change my routine in the urban environment. Cities are a big issue when we think about world concerns, like air polution, traffic jams, stress, and everything that can affect the “green planet” and you.

Everytime we think the world as a home for billions and billions of people, animals, trees and whatever it can support in the same globe… we have to stop and think about the future. We wanna give the best choice to our children, as they are the future of the planet.

Why not ? Why are we still selffish ?

All the time we listen and read about global warming and the possibility of increased natural disasters that can affect thousands or millions of people. We need to do something. But most of us… still keep doing the same, as a selfish one. We have to wake up early in the morning and do something to change habits that can affect someone or something for the good of all.

So, i feel free to start this blog…and the story will begin…