Middle of nowhere

When you feel lost and want to do something that you never done before… just get your bike and start your ride… This time I choose to cycle in secondary roads in a wet day from Ilhavo to Figueira da Foz. Portugal has lots of beautiful places to visit and discover by bike, you just […]

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Cycling memories

Cycling memories – Part I It was on two wheels that I rediscovered my home city after many years of absence. And I couldn’t have chosen a better way. Bikes allow you a freedom and immersion in the world around you that I believe no other means of transportation can do. Cycling the streets on […]

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Bike n’roll

When we ride our own bike, in the streets of our cities, we think about freedom of choice. But the problem is the way that people on their cars think about the streets, as their own. So we just need to keep a free mind and be smart, otherwise we will be smashed. The thing […]

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Our world… Why not?

This is for people who love to discover the world, using all of their senses, and to feel free to absorb every single minute in two wheels. I choose the bicycle to change my routine in the urban environment. Cities are a big issue when we think about world concerns, like air polution, traffic jams, […]

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